Pharmacist Day 2018

 Professional Holiday - The Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker of Ukraine is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of September.

Today, September 15, Ukraine celebrates Pharmacist's Day - a professional holiday for the country's pharmaceutical sector. The Pharmacist's Day is celebrated in 1999. Today, doctors, pharmacists, pharmacists celebrate their professional holiday. According to official data, there are about 10 thousand pharmacies operating in Ukraine, more than 5 thousand pharmacies and more than 6 thousand pharmacies. Therefore, the day of pharmacist in Ukraine is celebrated by employees of 5000 pharmaceutical organizations.
We sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday - Pharmaceutical Worker's Day!
Your professional holiday May it bring you joy, Inspire new work, Give you everything:
And prosperity, and luck, And inspiration, and love, And respect, and gratitude, Youth will return again!

15 September 2018