Surveillance of safety of medicinal products in their medical use – one of the pillars of Lumiere Pharma corporate policy
Surveillance of the safety of medicinal products in their medical use in Ukraine is regulated by Order of MoH Ukraine of 27.12.2006 no. 898 “On Approval of Procedure for Surveillance over Adverse Reactions to Medicinal Products Permitted for Medical Use” as amended and supplemented by the order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 29.12.2011 no.1005. Pharmacovigilance is performed by the State Enterprise “State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” by order of MoH of Ukraine.
LUMIER PHARMA LLC as a manufacturer of prescribed vital medicinal products to treat cancer, tuberculosis, blood diseases, chronic viral hepatitis is responsible for its products and cares about the health of patients. To ensure monitoring of the safety and effectiveness of medicinal products the company has created the pharmacovigilance system. It promotes increase of responsibility for the quality and safety of medicines, as well as allows taking appropriate measures aimed at improving the safety of medicinal products.
In case of any adverse side effects or lack of efficacy as a result of administration of medicinal products produced by the company Lumiere Pharma, please report them in any of the following ways:

1. By phone: (044) 463-71-31; (067) 445-42-13

2. By e-mail: , completing The report on the adverse reaction;


Download the report on adverse reactions or lack of efficacy of the product in the format MS Word (.doc)

3. By address: Kyiv, 04073, Moskovskyi prospect 13, LUMIER PHARMA LLC